Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Understanding Reflectionism: art and situationalism

Understanding the balance of surveillance vs. sousveillance, begins to become a subject of the Arts. so hence, the long tradition of poetry becomes a social barometer of how the world is changing now, and represents the actualization of science fiction.

Perhaps before we speak about Reflectionism, we should speak about Situationalism.

Those who followed the "artistic" view of the SI might view the evolution of SI as producing a more boring or dogmatic organization. Those following the political view would see the May 1968 uprisings as a logical outcome of the SI's dialectical approach: while savaging present day society, they sought a revolutionary society which would embody the positive tendencies of capitalist development. The "realization and suppression of Art" is simply the most developed of the many supercessions which the SI sought over the years. For Situationist International of 1968, the world triumph of workers councils would bring about all these supercessions

Reflectionism is a method by which one reflects back to those who are recording to demostrate the issues of recording without consent. Frequently, persons react negatively.


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