Thursday, November 10, 2005

So how do I engineer without being an "engineer"

A Google scholar search brought up this article: this brings me back to the question on how a non expert encounters the augmenting powers of data that is available thoughout the internet.

So as patients encounter new topics, I too encounter new ideas. Have an Idea about a Maybecam shirt that is RFID powered....Perhaps I can explain Wark's ideas towards developing an open source hacker community that allows openess of information, and allows for the creative application of information towards developing ideas that can help persons through the language of invention. Then there is the idea of patents. So if I can find out info about rfid's and invent stuff in the key of humanistic intelligence, then what? What will happen when the Vector Class catches on to the real purpose of the invention?

So I begin to learn about magnetic Fields, Faraday, and Maxwell.

Calculating the power recieved by the Transponder requires 3 laws to RFID's

1. Magnetic Field Formula

2. Lenz's Law

3. The Lossy Transformer system

of the three terms, I only found one of the three.

Someone else has already thought of about self powering cloths in the form of powered shoes. But this article, like many other articles are restricted by requiring one to be a member to the IEEE or ACM.

The same thing goes with Medical articles: many great abstracts are available, but to get the articles, one needs to "belong" to the organization.


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