Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Power relationships towards a balanced sur/sous enviroment

Understanding that Futurism is not Sousveillance

Something here predates the rest of the 19 hundreds and continues to shadow todays exhibit at the MoMa

William Mitchell lecture on "The Cyborg Self and the networked self

Technologic Change unfolds fast: Evolution of Real time scholarship: Phenomena can lock in very quickly.

How is the reintegration of digitaland physical world via wireless technology?

Increasing portablility of technology is changing our center point of community.

How did we congregate around the village well or fire

How did the electrical grid change this?

how is a community spacially organized?

Points of presence:

Village well/ Piped Water/ Bottled Water
Camp Fire/ Electric Grid/ Batteries
Live Performances/Broadcast/ distributed file mp3 sharing

How does one extend presence?

How are things Centralized vs distributed in terms of power?

What is Despotism?

Power: Shared vs Restricted
Respect: Shared vs Restricted
Information: Shared vs Restricted
Wealth: Shared vs. Restricted

what happens with fragmentation and reintegration of our communities due to technology?

butch 2.bmp

Paul Virilio

Museum of Accidents

"Contemporary civilization differs in one particularly distinctive feature from those which preceded it: speed. The change has come about within a generation," noted the historian Marc Bloch, writing in the nineteen-thirties. This situation brings in its wake a second feature: the accident. The progressive spread of catastrophic events do not just affect current reality, but produce anxiety and anguish for coming generations. Daily life is becoming a kaleidoscope of incidents and accidents, catastrophes and cataclysms, in which we are endlessly running up against the unexpected, which occurs out of the blue, so to speak. In a shattered mirror, we must then learn to discern what is impending more and more often-but above all more and more quickly, those events coming upon us inopportunely, if not indeed simultaneously. Faced with an accelerated temporality which affects mores and Art as much as it does international politics, there is one particularly urgent necessity: to expose and to exhibit the Time accident.

sousveillance Grid?


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